Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Softball. Hardball.

Please pray for the women in my Bible study class. Today was a heavy hitting day and I threw more hardballs than soft. Of course His Word always speaks for itself..... Walls are crumbling down. It is clear that He is doing some serious work in the lives of each woman there...

I am scheduled to teach another class when this one finishes next week. Talk about an emotional high right now. Please pray for me that I would be willing to give it up if required for I have come to love these women so. And yet, I know it in no way compares to His love for them... or me..

Always a student even when teaching.

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bryan said...

Way to throw hardballs, Cami. Sometimes it is exactly what people need to hear (including ourselves). I think it's cool how u list yourself as a student/teacher. Keep it up; you're making a difference. See ya' on Facebook!