Saturday, February 23, 2008

Highways. Plans.

Right now there is a group of men, women, students and children cleaning up highways in and around G-town. Today is this month's Love G-Town. 3 of our 6 are there right now. Obviously, I'm not one of them...

This morning there was no decision to make about whether or not I was going. My butt needed to stay home. Period. Did not matter how much I had been looking forward to this day and its adventures... my plans had been changed.

Today, I was also planning on seeing some old friends. Their plans changed before mine did.

I talk about it often... Plans.. We can make all the plans in the world.. They change in a moment's notice. Or thanks to a case of the flu.

Funny enough? As much as I was looking forward to showing G-town some love, hanging with amazing individuals, and etc.... this time has been refreshing.

Did I say refreshing and a case of the flu? Yep. That's how you know it's a God thing and not silly little me.

Highways. Plans.

He reveals His plans in ways we do not always understand. And sometimes that includes our butts having to "Sit this one out."

His Grateful Child

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