Thursday, July 5, 2007

Where's Your Voice?

The other day I was asked when did I become so outspoken on some different things. The person asking me was not honestly aware that for years my voice really hasn't been silent. It's just been heard in places they were not listening. Not because they did or did not care to be - it just did not happen that way. And that's okay.

The last couple of weeks I have had the opportunity to visit with numerous people who did not know me at all or until just recently. I have found my self sharing with them victories, heartaches, and how God has never failed me even when I have Him. There was a moment yesterday when I stood in the garage and cried. It is a natural thing given where I've been in life and where I am today. As strange as it may sound to some.... there was twinge of guilt in not holding onto my daddy's hand yesterday as the parade was going through the square in town. Obviously, I could not hold his hand since he is no longer physically here. When one has been healed and another moves on from this life, this is a natural thing to experience. And without question, I know I am not alone in such.

Last night as we were hanging out with a group from church at some friends' campground, I found my self sharing stories with a certain couple because I knew that they could identify. Interestingly enough, they identified even more so than I could have ever even dreamed. The woman in particular said some thing to me that I will treasure because it was beyond unexpected. It gave me such encouragement and yes, made sweet tears flow from my eyes as we shared a hug as well. But you see, I had to get up out of my comfy warm seat first and walk over to where they were sitting.

My help comes from the Lord. For even though I am a shy person, He has shown me time and time again that if I just put my self aside....... He will hold my hand and speak more into living life than I could ever begin. He is the original author and no one can hold a candle to Him.

Where's your voice? And where does your help come from?

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