Sunday, July 1, 2007

Where are Your Eyes Fixed?

Back when I was on staff at another ministry, part of my responsibilities were that of education coordinator. I had a real eye-opening conversation one day with the participants there. We were discussing how could the teachers of the various subjects make them come alive. It was then that I was so greatly impressed upon about visual aids. Just how different the generations (individuals in general) truly are in how they learn and process information. Those women will forever be etched in my heart and mind. Some have gone to truly grasp a hold of living for Christ and others are still struggling. And yes, pray for them.

Since that time, I have been asking God to help me in regards to visual aids in this new ministry; to help what I am teaching to come alive. It is easy for me to paint word pictures. It always has been. I do not take the credit for it... I know from Whom it comes from. Some times more than brushes with words are needed. I cannot fully describe how much time alone with Him means to me..... especially on Sunday.... reading His Word, personal worship, and printing for class.... It honestly makes me weepy just even thinking about it. This brings me to this morning.

As I printed... it was clear that that prayer of mine had indeed been answered yet again. To some - it may seem down silly..... and that's okay. If I appear foolish then, so be it. I was teaching today on 2 Corinthians 4:18 - the title of the lesson, "Where Are Your Eyes Fixed?" Not every thing I had sent to the printer printed like what was on the computer screen. For example: On the lesson sheet where the Scripture was to be, "temporary, but what is unseen is eternal" is all that printed. On the Praise sheet where they are to list praises... only what is written at the bottom of page showed up, "If you cannot come up with enough praises to fill this list.... Are you really paying attention to what is going on around you or in our world?"

We can so easily praise God when the sound and lighting work as they are supposed to... or when things print like we thought they needed to be or the congregation laughs at a joke the pastor makes. Yet, how easy is it to truly fix our eyes on Him alone? When things don't go the way we expect or want them to, how often do we chalk it up to it could have been better if they had?

Just like with the blank piece of paper lesson a couple of weeks ago, this one rocked. And yes, as is known to happen in class..... tears were cried. May God alone receive the praise! I ask you today.......

Where are your eyes fixed?

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