Wednesday, July 4, 2007

This. That. And Jeff

So, as I've stated before..... we live a very weird life. Most of the day yesterday was spent helping others. Then, before we knew what smacked us - to the clubhouse we were going... the younger boys to the pool and us to watch friends go by in the highly secure gated community's annual parade. Bicycles and golf carts decorated and individuals throwing candy...... oh my. It almost felt like we'd gone back in time.

The boys pooped out pretty quickly and back home they went. Hubby and I went out on a date. (read: you've gotta make time for stuff like that) We pooped out pretty quickly and were back home in an hour and a 1/2. It was a great kind of pooped out though. Funny how that works like that.

This morning the guys are heading off to walk in the annual parade down on the town square. They are representing the school that our oldest son goes to..... I will be hanging out with our best couple friends. And again, it will feel like we've gone back in time. I kid you not. Words cannot describe what all will take place down on the square today.

Later today, we're heading out to some friends' campground. The really cool thing about that is the fact that we have attached ourselves to the new couple I mentioned several posts ago now. They are coming along with us as well as our best couple friends and their family. Great way to have new friends meet several peeps from church. Gotta love that. It also answered the, "Camey? I've got plans for the 4th. What are you and your family doing?" asked by mom. Goes to show how annual plans can indeed change over time.

Now about Jeff....... He is a man that we met yesterday. He was a Marine. He and his wife Kelly lost almost every thing in the flood. Why did I say almost? As I was thanking Jeff for not only his service to our country.... I also thanked him for the privilege of helping clean up the waste that was once where their home was. Jeff cried..... He said, "God keeps showing me that He is still here with me." So while their material possessions are next to none..... Jeff is truly one rich man because he has the most important freedom of all... The freedom that can only come with Christ's love.

Happy 4th of July. Thank you Jesus for the real freedom to live life!

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