Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Thoughts This Tuesday

1) HIM! If you haven't spent time with Him yet, what are you waiting for?

2) Why did I post the link to Mad Church Disease and/or send it to you directly? Simple. I care about you that much or someone connected to you. 'Sides, Anne has a heart condition that I thought you might be able to really identify with. What do I mean by that? She is willing to go there, to get dirty. You either already have that condition or talk about wanting it. Time to put action to those words. If you haven't taken one of the surveys yet, what are you waiting for? If you're thinking, "I really need to send that to ..." What are you waiting for? What's that link again? http://www.madchurchdisease.com

3) Today at 10:00 a.m. a group of people (Student Ministry led) will be meeting at our local church building. We will be going to help individuals in the area most affected by the flooding here in G-town. If you own a truck, chain saw, or can be a body to help..... WE NEED YOU! Be prepared to get dirty. Most importantly, be willing to be the hands and feet of Him and to show His love right here..... If you're thinking, "Well, I've thought about getting involved?" What are you waiting for?

4) Making plans for the 4th of July? What about those neighbors you've been thinking about inviting over? What are you waiting for?

5) On that subject....... What are YOU waiting for today? Whose authority do you need the most? What are you waiting for?

Thoughts This Tuesday...


karen said...

I took the madchurchdisease survey. I also just returned from a Leadership Summit where they talked about burnout.. hmm... so what am I waiting for? I'm waiting on God to tell me why he keeps talking to me about burnout. OK.. I get the hint.
Seriously, one thing I learned is that our service has to be a response to God's love for us and our love for Him, and not because we see a need or love the church or love the people we are serving... it's all about Him and putting the 1st commandment first.

Sorry I missed the work day, but it's a long drive from Michigan.. maybe with a little more notice next time...

.. just my thoughts on your thoughts for a Tuesday...


Camey said...


I always appreciate your comments.

And yes, it's definitely a long drive from Michigan! lol

Hope you had a great 4th my friend!