Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh That Son. Those Sons. The Only Son.

His name is Travis... and he is 14 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRAVIS!

He's a Christ-follower.

He is a lifestyle missionary. He helps others to notice God in the every day.

He isn't afraid to share about Him either with words... actions....

How he is with little kids? Unbelievable!

He's also a mean trumpet player.. and golfer. And is a pro at pretty much any thing Wii sports.

Every single day even when being a moody teenager at times... he helps me notice God too.

Why is that?

The Great Physician showed the medical world to be wrong again with the birth of Travis.

The medical world only knows what they think they know...

Then there's the GOD Factor. The Real IT!

Talk about WOW!

Just as another little glimpse into Travis... if we said we were moving from the highly secure gated community with her two golf courses and plans for a third to go start up a ministry in a lower economic area.... he'd be all over that in a heartbeat! He went and worked at one earlier this summer and is still talking about it.

In fact.... that's where Austin wants to go for his 17th birthday... which is coming up on the 6th of September and Travis is right there with him on it... We're taking others with us too when we can arrange it.

No fancy presents are needed. They already have the Priceless Gift of the Only Son.... Jesus.

And they can't help but want to share Him with others.

What about you? Do you know Jesus?

If you do.... do you know that God isn't found in a building on Sunday mornings or whenever the doors may be open?

Austin and Travis are proof of that as well... They accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior in our own home back when they were each in 1st grade. Austin - up in a tree... Travis in the playroom after spending some time talking with his big brother Austin.

Oh... and they both became Christ-followers during the years that I was ill... 98 to 03.

Due in part to others showing God's love to a family in need.

That's part of the reason why it flows out of them with ease.

Thank You Lord for the gift of Your Son Jesus.. and Thank You for allowing me the pleasure of being a mom.


Kevin Bussey said...

Happy Birthday Travis.

Bill (cycleguy) said...

Great tribute Camey. Awesome boys you must have. That is a tribute to God's work and the faithfulness of you and Brother G.

Happy birthday T!

M. Steve Heartsill said...

Happy Birthday Travis! What a special age--14--I can almost remember that year! But, it does get fuzzy after a while!

Travis...you are blessed. You have a wonderful Savior who loves you and died for you. You have a special gift of serving Him and doing His will. You have wonderful (even though flawed) parents who love you.

Bask in this moment! Celebrate the gift of birth, life, and eternal life...as I have no doubt you will!

Camey said...

Kevin: Thanks!

Bill: Thank you. OH, it's so God and His work. We are so blessed to come along for the ride.

Steve: See! I didn't delete it. Too sweet of a comment. Yes, even with the "even though flawed"... Thank you for adding to our sons lives with your encouragement and prayers. OH, and I can hear you say that now.