Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Shhhh. Since He's Already Read..

Since I know Brother G has already read today.... I can get away with sharing this.


He uses more hair products on his really short hair than I do on my really long hair.

What's up with that?

Celebrating 19 years of marriage today!

It's the little things that add up. Like goatee hairs in the bathroom sink. (I'll take those over nose hairs any day!)

A vital part of our marriage? Laughter.

That man can make me snort.

Aren't ya glad you read this now? ;)

And you thought I was going to be all mushy.....


M. Steve Heartsill said...

Nah...you'll save the mushy stuff for the big 2-0 one next year!

Happy Anniversary...you must have been what, 15 when you married? :)

Kevin Bussey said...

Happy Anniversary!

Camey said...

Thanks guys!