Thursday, August 28, 2008

"The Questionator"

One of my nicknames is "The Questionator"..... This is why:


If you're a Christ-follower.... how's your walk today? this moment?

Have you thanked God today for today?

Can you name people in your daily path that you are reaching out to with God's love?

Can you even see them for who they are? right where they are? or just where you want them to be?

Is it easier to trust God in the small things instead of the big? He's God... He can handle it all.

Where are you on your Spiritual map? Are you wanting to stay there? Are you wallowing in it? Or putting one foot in front of another? Or running? Or hiding?

If you were to lose every one in your life that you love and cherish - would you still know God loves you? Would God be enough for you to want to keep on living?

Where are you on faith? is it in yourself? in others? yourself and God? God alone?

Did you notice God yesterday?

Did you help someone else notice Him by acts of kindness? by loving them when loving wasn't easy?

Do you love generously? with a love that is not yours alone to keep? that requires the Holy Spirit?

Where is God found this moment in your life? is He in a building? on the street? kicked to the curb? on the back burner? in your hands and feet and with your eyes and mouth and ears?

The most important relationship any one can have is with God....

with Jesus...

with His Holy Spirit.

Where is that relationship today? this moment?

Listen to God's voice today.... and respond.

As always... praying!


M. Steve Heartsill said...

Keep asking relevant "God questions" like these! You can't go wrong!

Michael said...

Wow. Those are awesome questions. Gonna have to do some pondering.

Camey said...

Thanks, Steve! So? Are these the type of questions you thought "The Questionator" would ask? ;)

Michael: Thanks for coming by. I hope you do take time to ponder them.

You both were just prayed for!

Bill (cycleguy) said...

My head is going to explode with all the questions. "I'll be back" later. Great questioins to ponder.

Camey said...


Glad you checked them out. You were just prayed for!

You're welcome here any time.