Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thoughts in the Night.

It's funny really. How one can be awake this time of night.... And yet, not surprising. This happens from time to time.

Tomorrow is Wednesday... and so far this week has looked like nothing I had planned. For those who thought you'd be seeing me in person - be thankful I've not been around.. not a pretty sight! Silly stomach bug. And yet, I am so incredibly grateful. WHAT?

As Brother G was preparing to leave this afternoon for another meeting in another city..... it struck me as we were holding hands to pray, "Thank You, Lord, for this stomach bug!" For had I not been sick - I would not have been here right then. Priceless time between Brother G and I as we continue on this part of the journey together especially.

And while the blogging has been quiet since Micky last posted here (thank you Micky)..... I have spent some quality time with The Father. Again... priceless. Really - no words at this moment to describe it.

As the comments continue to roll in about the article - I remain dumbfounded. As plans for the future are continued to be prayed about and discussed - I am found even dumber still. And as always am willing to risk looking like a complete fool.

Last night Austin came into our room and said, "Mom... I've been listening and here's what I'm supposed to do." Not what he might need to do.... not what he may need to do... What he is supposed to do. That totally Rocks! And rolls....

I've been questioned about why I said in the article, "It also included moving to a town I said I would never live in." Simple....

Ahhhhh.....more of that to come!


M. Steve Heartsill said...

So often, I have found that God speaks exactly when and where He promised to do so--when I am still and listening.

That is so hard to do! Really is! Life is so fast and so hard and just so loud! It is difficult to be quiet, to listen, to learn.

Yet, God promised, not to be in the noise but in the still. Not in the hurricane, but in the small whispers.

Enjoy His whispers today!

Camey said...

Thanks, Steve.