Friday, July 18, 2008

In Walks Brenda...

I've written about Brenda numerous times before. Last time it was in reference to her being a prostitute.... or at least that was the rumor.

Brenda came into the physical church building this afternoon. She is looking for a job and saw our ad currently running in the local paper.

Brenda has been in CA.... not in jail.

Now, I've not only got that straightened out, but also had the privilege of sharing with Brenda that we've missed her. The highways of G-town have not been the same without Brenda walking up and down them wherever she needs/wants to go. While she was here - I made it a point to introduce her to those around.. Of course, she already knows Austin, Travis and Parker from having rode with us several times before.

I also had the privilege of meeting Brenda's mom who drove her to the physical church building today. Brenda is in her mid-40's.

I'm often questioned about why I pick up hitchhikers.....

Her name is Brenda.

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