Friday, July 18, 2008

A Date - Time Well Spent.

One of my favorite guys and I went on a date tonight before my hubby came home. The vehicle we were in does not go real fast - about 20 mph - give or take. The wind was blowing ever so right and the sun was shining. Familiar faces kept passing us by and waving.

There's a particular path this guy and I enjoy going on when spending time together. I could probably drive it with my eyes closed.... perhaps maybe I actually have, but I am not saying and the guy ain't telling. Kinda like a Bush's baked beans family secret recipe.

This guy and I laugh ourselves silly as we go around the bends and curves. Some times we go as fast as we can. Others we go real slow or somewhere in-between depending upon how much public access there really is to that stretch of the road.

As we came to a fork in the road, we decided to venture somewhere the wheels have not gone in a long time. We pulled into the parking lot, got out and started to walk. Underneath our feet the rocks were wiggling as we took each step. He even teased me about going over the railing to keep on our adventure.

Slowly, but surely, the rocks started having sand mixed in as we inched nearer and nearer. The water looking rather inviting - off went the sandals.... and in went the toes.... then feet. Soon enough - I was standing in the river almost up to my knees. The guy kept telling me to watch what I was doing - thinking I was determined to get all wet.

Then, it happened. We both were absolutely silent and listened to the sounds of nature in some of her finest. At times in the craziness of life's moments - we forget the river even exist and that it is so close by. We forget the beauty that waits to be held in our eyes, heart, and is meant to be taken in.... absorbed through our very skin and breath.

The guy and I crinkled up rocks in-between our toes and swayed back and forth as the river flowed gently to the tune we were helping to create with our very movement. The breeze blowing like whispers through the strings of pure oxygen. How peaceful and relaxing the moments were. Time seemed to tick by more slowly. The rhythm like a new song.

As we ventured back, we held hands and shared our thoughts on the whole experience. Before arriving back to the parking lot, we realized that a grassy spot is a place normally filled with bluebonnets at certain times of the year. Once upon a time we sat amongst them and had our picture taken. Sweet memories that had been stowed away until just the right time to pop out.

The drive back to where we had started off was filled with stops and starts and rich laughter along each roll of the tires. The sun setting as a backdrop on time well spent. As we pulled into the driveway - hubby's car was there.... The guy could not wait to get inside to see him and tell him all about the time we had spent together.

One of these days, this guy is going to be taller than me just like his older brothers.

But for today, he is my favorite ten-year-old. And I am beyond blessed to be his mommy.

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