Friday, June 6, 2008

A Sack Lunch. A Seed Planted. Hope.

How can a simple sack lunch be a seed planted?

How can it be Hope?

The numbers are staggering here in G-town for the children who qualify for free or reduced rate school lunches.

What about those children during the summer months?

That's where Healthy Kids comes in...... Where if you're a local - you come in...

Healthy Kids provide a free sack lunch to any kid under the age of 18.... No proof of household income needed.

It is more than a sack lunch... It is a seed planted in that child's life and hopefully that of their family.

It is Hope in it's most basic form. It says, "Someone sees your need and wants to meet it."

Going to foreign countries is all great and good. Giving money to help feed starving children in other places is too.

But what about right where you are today? This moment?

It really is that simple.

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