Monday, June 2, 2008

On Being Missionaries...

Yesterday I was asked if the G-family are becoming missionaries.

We already are.

For the moment - the mission field is G-town and the surrounding areas and wherever this little blog may reach.

Tomorrow - only God knows at this moment.

We are in His Hands.

Talk about Real Insurance. And not just a get out of hell free card.


jo said...

Hey there, I know this is so random, but I'm trying to get something together really quick, the quick story is that there are thirty families living in tents in the immediate area (in warehouses and parks) for various reasons, and i was hoping to get together a real quick food-drive for them, non-perishable, no need to cook food. i'd be bringing the food to mission granbury (there cupboards are bare) we're trying to get something together through my church but i was hoping to get them some food friday or saturday??? let me know, and thanks so much!

Camey said...

Hey jo! Nah.. not random. Thanks for letting me/us know. As soon I know something - I will let you know. Thanks for the opportunity to serve others! And thank you for being available.

Harold McKee said...

I head up the missions effort for our church and if ever asked to speak about missions anywhere one of the things I always try to get in is that I don't believe in missionaries. I don't think they exist.

What I believe is that there are two kinds of Christians. Those that have given God their complete and entire life and those that have not.

That doesn't mean that only those serving in what we call a missions capacity have given Him their all. It just means that if I have given my entire life to Christ, EVERYTHING that I am, then there should not be a big difference in me serving Him in Uganda or Des Moines.

I am not claiming that I live all the time in this lofty place of complete surrender. I wish I did but I do not. I just remember the first words that ran through my head at the moment of my salvation. "How can everyone not give Him everything they are?" Those words have haunted and supported me my whole life.

God Bless Camey and thanks for bringing those thoughts back for me.

Camey said...


Forgive my bad. Thought I had already responded to you.

Thank you for coming by and sharing your thoughts with me and whomever else is around. It is a daily surrender indeed.

May you be blessed beyond measure for in Him is overflow life! And you are welcome Harold.