Thursday, March 27, 2008

Questions Answered.

The last few days I've been asked a series of questions from several individuals. The following are my answers. They are in no particular order.

1. No. I am not working on a book at this time. That's part of why this blog was started. I know you say that God is telling you that I am supposed to be writing one right now - my schedule says otherwise.

2. No. I am not going back to school at this time. Again - my schedule won't allow it. I might take more classes here or there but not pursuing any more than that. Every day life is a classroom. And all my guys are in school as it is. That can be crazy enough...

3. Austin is at LBA. Travis and Parker are both still currently in public schools. That could change if public schools go even more in a direction we disagree with. At no time have we turned over their education to the public system and/or the government.

4. No. I'm not going through a mid-life crisis because of turning 40 next month. I embrace turning The Big 40. I've never been healthier in all my life. If you don't like my hair - I'm sorry. And it's more than okay if you don't find it sexy either. It fits my current schedule to a T. And no - I do not plan on dying my hair to cover my grays.

5. Yes. I have said and will continue to say that Brother G does not "complete me"... nor do my sons, my job, or anything or anyone else other than God. Want to learn more about that? Come to our marriage class.

6. Parker is a touchy feely kid. I rather like him hugging me in public. At ten most kids want nothing to do with hugging a parent where and when they might be seen. I encourage it - not discourage it. Besides, I'm a hugger myself.

7. No. We did not give the car to charity. It was in the shop. I am the charity! And I still have a blast driving. So frankly - I do not care what type of vehicle I drive.

8. No. I will not be attending the annual golf tourney in memory of my dad. I will be at work. I do not have a golfing bone in my body. Why pretend that I do? Have fun without me. My brother will be there. Spend time with him since he does not live here. Yes. I do enjoy driving the golf cart on the streets of the highly secure gated community we live in though.

9. Yes. I did say that I hope we do not stay at two services for very long. I'm praying for Spiritual Awakening and Spiritual Revival every single day!

10. Yes. My mom is allowed to date. Austin is not. (Read: She's 65 and is a widow. He's 16. There is a difference.)

There ya have it... My answers for today.

As always - you have been prayed for this moment.

And you are loved by The One who truly matters the most in life!

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