Monday, March 24, 2008

Love G-town Testimony

Via email from Micky on Saturday:

What a great day!!! That is just all we could say after our Love G-town service project this morning. Everyone had a great time and we wanted to give all of you a report on how things went today.

First of all, we had one group at the Brookshires Grocery Store helping to bag groceries, doing customer carry out and cart return. We had approximately 150 kindness cards handed out by that group. Many of the customers really responded when our folks handed them a kindness card and told them that "God loves you." A number of Brookshires customers offered to make donations to us, which flung the door wide open for us to explain that what we are doing is totally and completely free...just like God's love is free!! The Brookshires employees were very appreciative of the extra help our people provided and one of them even asked me "can't you guys stay until 9:00." The manager on duty this morning told us that he would love to have us back any time we wanted to come.

Next, we also had a group at the Brookshires service station. From 9:00 AM to 12 Noon today we went retro and converted the station from self-service into a full service station. Our people greeted the station customers as they pulled up to the pump by explaining that we were from LBC and that we were doing a free community service project this morning. We offered to pump their gas and wash their windshields free of charge with no donations accepted. A number of people almost seemed shocked that we would be doing that sort of thing, but said "in that case, sure go ahead." While someone pumped the gas and another washed the windshield, another person was able to hand the customer a kindness card and engage them in conversation while they waited for their gas to finish pumping.

We had some really great conversations at the gas pumps and even had a couple of people share some pretty heart wrenching stories with us and we assured them that we would add these names to our prayer list. I'll just share one with you in this email. One was for a lady's husband, whose name is H.D. Ms. D came through the line at one of the pumps and when we handed her the kindness card that said we were doing this project just to show God's love, she nearly broke down in tears and commented, "we really needed God's love this week." She related how her husband had gone to the oncologist earlier this week and had been diagnosed with advanced prostrate cancer that had already metastasized into his bone. She went on to explain that along with the shock of getting that sort of devastating medical news, they were also dealing with the fact that he was apparently misdiagnosed by another doctor earlier this year, so they are also having some anger issues as well. She seemed so grateful for us taking the time to listen and to put her husband on our prayer list. As I said, we gave her a card and we told her to be sure and call the church if we could do anything at all for them. We did not sense that this family was connected to any church body and we think this could be a wonderful ministry opportunity for our church.

We handed out right at 200 kindness cards at the service station! So all in all, we handed out well over 300 cards between the two groups. What a great day it was. Please pray with us that God will send forth other Believers to water and nourish the seeds of kindness that were planted today and for the ultimate harvest that God will reap through His Holy Spirit. God bless!

Reminder: Our Kindness Explosion is April's Love G-town. Please watch for more details.

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