Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bible Studies - Women & Co-Ed

Please continue to pray for our Bible study groups.

Today, my women's class will be diving even deeper into the Sermon on the Mount. Heavy hitting stuff for most of the women in it. As a teacher, I do not want women taking any of my classes just to check it off a "To-Do List." Please pray that it truly penetrates every moment of their life.

Brother G and I are starting a new class this Wednesday night. We are teaching on marriage and how to make it work in today's world. This is a subject that we are passionate about. One of the reasons of course being that we know firsthand that God and each of our own relationships with Him must be at the top of our marriage on a daily basis. This is a co-ed class and will run at the same time and room as usual. Cannot wait to see what God has in store for this group!!!

Randal's class will continue to meet as usual as will the other women's only classes.

Have you picked up God's word since Sunday and dived in? If not - what are you waiting for?

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