Thursday, January 3, 2008

That's Tradition for Ya.

Our youngest son, Parker, enlightened us on Sunday morning. In keeping with being thankful for our children's honesty, I thought I would share about our conversation.

It seems that when Parker realized there were hymnals at the place we were at.. He said, "Oh, this is a hymnal church. I do not know many hymns you know." I looked at him puzzled and then it dawned on me..

Parker has only known "contemporary worship"... which means that the only way hymns are sung is via words plastered up on big screens with a more jazzed up tune than how they were originally written. The exception of course being songs attached with Easter or Christmas.

He is our only son, out of the three, who has been raised this way. Looking back over the time line of his life... it made total sense that this took place. We've been a part of two church bodies - each that had only one set time for student (grades 7 through 12) Bible study or Sunday School as it was once called by the time Parker was old enough to really start remembering. So, with only one time for our other sons to attend, came the automatic decision of being a part of the contemporary worship service.

So, Parker has the tradition of contemporary worship. Being at a "hymnal only" service was completely out of his comfort zone. He was still able to worship after the first few minutes..

What also struck us funny.... When the men began to gather up front for the offering time.. Parker leaned over to me and said, "Wow! That was fast." I then reminded him that his dad had not preached yet... so, therefore, the service was not over. Part of his tradition the last two plus years has been the offering being taken at the end of the service. I informed him that not every church body does it that way. Clearly, messing with his tradition, caused him to lose sight of other important factors.. such as hearing God's Word proclaimed from the pulpit.

That's tradition for ya.

What are a part of your traditions?

Examine them... Ask God to reveal how they might keep you from truly worshipping Him.

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