Friday, January 4, 2008

Early Morning Praises!

As I sit here reflecting over the past few days and looking toward the days ahead.... Praises are on my lips and through every vein in my body.

Last night a group of individuals came together to give praise for prayers answered. Testimonies were shared, Scripture was read, audible voices were raises even without a musical instrument. As we got in to small groups to pray.... Brother G & I were prepared to be just us two as we had last week. A certain couple insisted on joining us. Their prayers being humbling and refreshing. There was not a dry eye...

Brother G and I are the only ones awake. He is currently working on one of his two sermons for Sunday to deliver in East Texas. Of course that will mean more traveling. And while we will no doubt miss our local body here while away.... it is again answer to prayers prayed. How can my eyes stay dry with the very thought of how He answers and stretches and provides opportunities to be active in His service?

As I start preparing for the Marriage class on Tuesdays, the parenting class on Wednesdays, and a break out session for a retreat at the end of the month.... I am met with gratitude beyond what if said truly out loud would make any sense.

As we were walking out of the worship center last night, Randal laid something on our hearts. Nothing our local church body has never known. And yet, no doubt is entirely possible only because of God. I cannot wait to see all He has planned!

You, Oh Lord, are the sun rising in the morning.
It setting in the night.
And every cloud and ray of light that beams from the sky.
Your Love is like no other.
Your mercy and grace are unending.
And it is beyond me how You paint the pictures that You do on this canvas called life.
Early morning praises belong only to You.

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