Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Prediction #2 Lives!

On January 1st, I posted Predictions for 08

Last night the leadership for our local church body gathered together for an in-depth look at our past, present and future. It was one of the best gatherings Brother G and I have been a part of during our time here.

Each person was given a sticky note, an agenda, and told to find a seat that fit their leadership position. The room was filled with chairs set up in circles with tags designating positions. Each circle had at least one position from all the various groups. That's how unity can truly start to take place!

There was opportunity for real discussion to take place. Heartfelt discussion... Passion-filled! It is evident that real change is taking place. Not starting six months from now.. or next year.. but it is happening now. Sunday will definitely show that! If you're a local.... you will not want to miss this Sunday.

Brother G and I encourage our local church body to continue to pray and seek His guidance! We encourage each person to ask God how you can be an active part of what is happening. Where you need to get involved.... and then for you to do it! Can't wait to hear testimonies of how God grows and stretches and lives are truly impacted for His kingdom alone.

And we ask that you continue to pray for us as individuals and as a family. We will be in east Texas again this Sunday.

Changes are happening. God is stretching us like never before.

Prediction #2 lives because He does!!

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