Saturday, January 12, 2008

Lifestyle Missionaries.

There's this woman that I've had the incredible privilege of knowing for a couple of years now. Yesterday, she had some news to deliver. This news was answers to prayers prayed for her and her husband some time ago now and yet will still continue in prayer and praise. Throughout our conversation, it reminded me all the more about being lifestyle missionaries.

Brother G and I were just discussing about how this is hardly thought of any more... In our compartmentalized world, we have put things into boxes - into time slots if you will. This being for that day and hour but not to overlap with this other area of our lives. Lifestyle missionaries..

One day this week I was asked about our traveling to east Texas for Brother G to preach. The individual did not understand how he could do such a thing or how our family could go with him. That our place is with the local church body.... only with this particular body. And while there is a part of human nature that makes one feel good about that for a moment... the moment flees when really thinking about it deeper.

Yes, Brother G and I are in vocational ministry.... but our mission is not only for one particular group of individuals who gather together at certain hours on given days. At times it does mean traveling to other places and sharing His Good News there. Being missionaries in foreign places does not always mean traveling overseas.

Does it make for a wild and crazy life? Yes... And frankly, we would have it no other way.

Our prayer is that more would consider what being lifestyle missionaries is truly about....

For His Word... His kingdom is not about just one day a week in one place.

Where is life taking you today? This moment? And who will you meet? Who will they see?

If His church is truly being His.... we should all be lifestyle missionaries.

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