Saturday, December 1, 2007

Stay Out of that Box!

unChristian: The book by David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons.

Oh my. I'm only page 55 and can see why this book needed to be written. It reminds me of some of the lives I've come in contact with the last two years in particular. It definitely reminded me of two individuals yesterday.

I went to where one just started working not long ago to get myself and Brother G some lunch. Hoping to see her still working there. The manager looked at me and said, "She only lasted a week." I cannot tell you how many jobs she has had since I first met her. I hear from her from time to time but, in other ways, she has cut off contact with the church.... She doesn't want to change her lifestyle because she sees nothing wrong with it. She loves me, as do I her, and yet..... she has looked me in the face and said, "Camey? I do not believe in God like you do. You can be a Christian but, I'm not sure I can believe that stuff. Jesus sounds kinda cool but I'm the only one who can save myself." She is one whom I pray every day that I do not hear about in our local news or her baby girl.

There's another twenty-something that will call when she wants some thing from me. Normally it's just to see if I can babysit her baby boy so she can go out. By going out, I mean, getting so drunk that she does not care whom she has sex with. And no.... I haven't babysat her little boy because it would be an all niter. She has looked me in the face and has said, "Camey? I am a Christian but, I'm still young. I need to have my fun now. I'll take life seriously when I'm older and ready to settle down." If no one will keep her son.... she doesn't go out... at least as far as we all know.

Like the individuals that unChristian represents, it matters what they think about Christianity. One grew up in the church and the other did not. It's individuals like these two that causes me to stay out of that box.... and to fall face down on the floor crying out to Jesus.

Times have changed. We, as the church, must be willing to change as well without trying to compromise the Word of God. And we must also remember whose house it really is.

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