Monday, November 26, 2007

Public School Lessons.

Parker and his mom just got back from the public school he attends. He was relaying to her about a younger boy he saw today. It was a child he had helped back when the younger boy was in pre-kindergarten. According to Parker, "He was really struggling with school then. So.. when I saw him today, I had to ask how things are going for him now. He said he is doing much better and thanked me for asking and for even remembering him."

We're not always fans of public schools. And yet, this with Parker today served as a great reminder of why two of our three sons are even in public schools still.

There is A reason.

Oh... About Parker being hurt on the school bus. He did not want the older boy to be punished. He just wanted for someone to find out what was going on in the boy's life that was making him want to physically hurt others and get him some help.

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