Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Parents. Teachers. Pink Peep.

It was dark this morning as Parker's dad and mom, with Parker in tow, headed to the intermediate school outside the back gate of the highly secure gated community. His teachers are in the process of having a conference with each child's parent(s), guardian(s).... or whatever/whoever the case may be. We weren't sure what time the conference was to be... If only I had checked the school's website recently... The time was clearly listed there.

While waiting for the conference time.... I found one of my sweet friends who works for the school district. We sat down and had a bit of a heart to heart right there on the spot. Her daughter is one of the girls in YAMS. To say that we love their family would be an understatement.... the same can be said of them with ours.... Park came and got me when it was time to head down the hallway. His smile brightened our sweet friend's day... right when her clock was set to begin.

Parker has two fabulous teachers.... we are blessed to have them as a part of his education team. We have an understanding with all of our children's teachers that it is not their job alone to educate our children. Parker hugged and kissed me on the lips right there in the hallway with many of his peers around.... Mrs. Thomason said, "Mom? That's real love right there." He told me he loved me as he waved goodbye while walking into the classroom. We were headed out of that particular school before we knew it.

"A work in progress"..... is what kept ringing in my ears as we drove home. Soon it was time for me to get ready for the parenting class that I teach... it is Tuesday after all.... By the time I got to the physical church building.... it was clear... I was sick. Fortunately for the class, the tables had been rearranged and I was able to sit clear on the other side of the room. Today's lesson was huge and truly built upon other times we had had together. I kept praying, "Lord? Just help me through this without hurling." I told the class if I got up and ran out of the room to not come after me... it would be alright... I would be back. I couldn't have asked for class to go any better than it did. Of course, we all had to laugh that I had more make-up on one side of my face than the other... and frankly? you could hear my stomach from one end of the room to the other.

Sitting here, right now, in the quietness of the moment.... I look like a pink peep in my comfy robe. There is not one single hair in place... and at any moment... I could hurl (oh... throw up)... I came home after the parenting class and crawled into bed and stayed for several hours. While it may appear that I am alone in the house..... I am more at home than ever....

I am a work in progress sitting in her Father's lap thankful for each classroom and the lessons that are taught.... and even caught.

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