Thursday, July 24, 2008


Today is taking a cake (note: not the cake, but a cake) on wild conversations/days. The following I share with permission.

Austin is roaming the house - the entire house. He is climbing the walls. He is smiling from ear to ear. He is pacing..... Going into his room, checking his stuff, checking it twice, and even has a game plan for making said cake tomorrow.

"THAT'S IT!!! NOW!" - Austin G.

He is having a hard time with patience. He's been this way since 5:30 p.m. tonight. He said, "At this time tomorrow night, people will be gathering for prayer. I'm SO EXCITED!"

WHAT? Prayer gathering and being that excited? Yep. That's Austin. And really? It is an understatement.

That's what he knew he was suppose to do from a few posts ago now.

Call peeps to prayer.

The cake is being baked for the individuals who are helping pay his way to Philly... which includes his youngest brother Parker. (That story is coming another time/way.)

And is it any wonder that the Spiritual Warfare has totally kicked up?

Nope. Nada. Zipola.

I'm often asked about being lifestyle missionaries. That question crops even more when trips are involved.

And while there is much to be said for going to another place far from where one is normally found to be the Gospel Alive and Living to those they come in contact with and serve.....

If we are not guilty of a living a lifestyle that speaks the same....

Then, it's like have frosting without a cake.

Are you still sitting on a shelf in a box collecting dust just waiting to be put together?

"THAT'S IT!!!! NOW!"

Time to RISE....

There's hungry people in the moments of life wherever you or I may be found....

Near or far.... in-between - even on the plane. (Wal-Mart, restaurant, mall, movies, etc.)

There's Only One who truly satisfies the real hunger, need, and desire.

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