Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wednesday Night Reflection

Last night I was asked a question. A simple question really but one that reflects just a tad of what is happening with our local church body....

"Camey? Why aren't you in the foyer on Wednesday nights?" The answer? Well, last semester helped make this semester happen. Prayers are being answered all over the place and frankly it is blowing my mind. If I sound too pumped at this time of the morning, well.... I simply cannot help it.

Being in the foyer on Wednesday nights last semester was a part of being an outreach director for our children's ministry. It was also part of being a woman minister. More counseling took place in that foyer than I ever care to really share. Still does actually... And I am met with countless gratitude.

As I was getting things ready for the class, in they started walking. The class doubled from last Wednesday night. It doubled. The individuals bringing others with them are ones whom I first met last semester in the foyer. One just a month ago. She brought two others with her. More are expected this next Wednesday night... Please do not lose sight of the most important fact here... HE is at work in their lives. They are being drawn closer to Him.

Part of any topic specific class that I teach or co-teach always is brought back to that person's relationship with Him. Parenting is not about raising happy children who turn out to have high paying jobs and live in million dollar mansions. Please do not misunderstand me here... The best thing any parent can ever do for their child is point them to Him. To be a reflection of Him in their moments... That can only happen if He is alive in the parent's own life.

Wednesday nights rock! And I am honored to walk along side of these individuals.

I am rejoicing with hands held high... He takes individuals just as they are. And they are coming!

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