Friday, January 18, 2008


The following are in no particular order:

1) It is in the air! You can taste it... IT is better than Starbucks. Better than hot fresh bread.

2) Shelley, Ryan and Cari are amazing! Flat out amazing... DNow (Discipleship Now) has been bathed in prayer and is birthing this weekend. Can't wait to see what happens in the lives of all those connected.. whether students, leaders, host homes, parents....

3) It is going to be contagious!

4) Pastor (Richard) Jackson will be with this Sunday officially as our interim pastor. HE is using him to challenge the fool out of our body. Bring it on!

5) Only two more Sundays of three services! Wonder how long that will last?

6) SOUPer Bowl Sunday - praying for those canned goods to come in like touchdown passes. Remember it's not just a can of corn - it is food for the hungry. Lets take care of our neighbors shall we?

7) One service on SOUPer Sunday... Can't wait to experience the whole body coming together! We're going to get really close that morning....

8) David, Andrew, and several others are letting their creative juices flow! Bring it on guys!

9) Prayers are being answered.... The above is proof! Changes can be good if HE is the reason.

10) No one rocks like HE does! He is the solid rock. The foundation. The Creator! It is all about Him!

And last.... but not least... you dear reader have been lifted up in prayer this morning wherever you may be this moment.

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