Monday, September 8, 2008

When the axe fell....

Once upon a time a fat, sappy teenager stumbled across an addiction known as anime. Engrossed and obsessed, he worshiped this sinful collection of Japanese animation while playing the Church game. Over time, the fat sappy teenager (who eventually became slimmer and happier), became less obsessed, yet still held on to his little drug. He became more involved in Church and didn't play the game anymore, yet he still held on to the thing that held him from a true relationship with his Creator.

Case in point: The 16th of Wednesday in April of 2008. The Beginning of the End.

A wonderful devotional named "A Call to Die"entered my life during a stroll through the city. Coming from Bestbuy, I remember, holding the DVD set of this obsession in my hand, turned it down, went to Lifeway, and bought this book, and started a 40 day fast from anime and manga. That day was March 29th. On Day 18 of this intense devotional, a wonderful speaker named Brandi spoke on wednesday night, one of the best wednesday nights of the year. It was that night I chose to end my relationship with anime. I remember holding a piece of clay she had passed out while speaking, saying "Are you going to let God mold you into the person He wants you to be?". At that point, angel and demon Armageddon broke out in my mind. I knew why. He was asking my to give up the thing that had been in my life since childhood, which mutated into a unhealthy idolatry. I sat, as my buddy Linc led closing music, letting the battle rage. Finnally...i took my thumb and pressed it into the clay. It was finished. That was my decision. That night we didnt leave until 9pm ish, a large group who had been moved talking about what had happened. I then immeadiatly trashed the manga and stuck the DVDs in the garage.

Now re-read the last sentance of the last paragraph. "I stuck the DVDs in the garage." Hm. Why did that happen? Over time I died to it...yet something haunted me still. Maybe I still saw the garage, getting out of the a little green travel bag...the wretched DVDs, the majority of the sin materialized even still! While I went a whole summer of no anime, still in my mind, I couldnt quite get it out of there. Duh! The temptation was still there! What could be done to solve this, to finnaly break free from this obsession...?





Yes, sometimes the way to truly put something to death is to literally kill it with an axe! The punishment for my delay to fully kill my old obsession was my hesitancy at first - I debated in my mind if this was the right thing to do. When you are going to do something radical for God, dont wait. Do it now, before Satan gets a chance to give you doubts about your actions. Even though I havnt watched any of those DVDs since the day I started the fast, the temptation was the fact they were a few doors away. Now that they are in ribbons, there is no more temptation, since they are dead! After a while, it got easier and easier to lift the axe and slice them up. It was fun too! Poor tree stump.


Bill (cycleguy) said...

Austin: this is a fantastic post! You hit the nail on the head or is the DVD on the head? What a lesson we all can learn from this in our own battle with whatever temptation/addiction we battle. My prayers will be with you and you continue to fight. Oh yeah, happy birthday. A day late.

M. Steve Heartsill said...

Wise to destroy temptation before temptation destroys you. It takes a real man to admit his "addiction", confess it, and then destroy it.

Many people twice your age and older haven't learned this lesson.

I know I still struggle with various temptations. Maybe I need to borrow your axe!

Camey said...


You've just headed up the stairs here the physical church building. You wouldn't buy your mother a diet coke because you know about my addition to all dark cola products - especially diet coke.

Thank you for not buying me that drink. Guess it's a good thing I can't leave my desk so easily at times huh?

As for this post and what you did - I'm so thankful your dad and i weren't at the house. And yet at the same time - I never been prouder for you to pick up an axe and go to town!

The ripple effect this is having is beyond cool. Proof yet again of how God is moving. Thanks for being willing to share.

Bill (cycleguy) said...

Now Camey if you liked Caffeine Free Diet Dr.Pepper you could have had that dark product but not a cola. :) You have much to be proud of in your growing son.

Bernard Shuford said...

What on earth is anime? Sorry, I'm stupid. :)

Camey said...

Thanks, Bill...

Nope. They don't interest me. No desire for them at all. It's the colas. And Austin is helping hold me accountable too! maybe that's part of why he goes to school where I also work? ;)

Bernard: I'll let Austin explain when he is able.. Not stupid... Thanks for stopping by!