Saturday, September 13, 2008

Prayer - More Than A Chance Encounter.

This morning at 2:00 a.m. I woke up. I had been sound sound asleep - in fact - dreaming. But at 2:00 a.m. - I was wide awake and praying..... Ike made landfall at 2:00 a.m. here in Texas.

Uncle Logan would not leave Texas City. He has Parkinson's like his oldest brother, Glen does, and like his youngest brother, who was also my daddy, did. Like that isn't enough - he also has cancer. He didn't see the need to leave in an effort to spare his life. I must confess to having rather mixed thoughts and emotions about his decision...

Hubby's sister and her family live in Katy... we spoke with them last night... she is suppose to call us this morning when they are able... No call yet..... Hubby's parents live in Magnolia. They decided to stay in Colorado where they had been on vacation.

This morning as the G family was eating breakfast together... we heard about Ike making landfall at 2:00 a.m. Hubby and I discussed the fact that's when I was woken up to pray. Truly believe it was a prompting of the Holy Spirit... of God. I don't discuss these things lightly. It tends to make some rather uncomfortable.... That's okay... Parker said to me, ""That's why you're speaking/teaching on prayer tomorrow."

During the years I was ill - I was often awake at 2:00 a.m. Some times I could move and would get up with the assistance of a walker or cane.. and others - I laid there. It was during that time that praying went to a whole new level. Looking back - I am beyond thankful. For while prayer had always been a part of my daily life.... it took me deeper than I might have gone otherwise.

I have had the opportunity to speak/teach on prayer numerous times since being ill and then having been healed.... and especially since daddy passed on. I am grateful. Yes, I believe in the importance as a Christ-follower of reading His Word.... But even more so than that - there is a level of communication that takes place through prayer. Some times it is me listening to what He has to say in the quiet of the moments... others.. well.... I could go on and on...

It is my prayer today.... wherever you are... that prayer will be more than some thing you do at meal time when ready to chow down. That you will stop..... get alone with The Father... and be still.. and listen.... and speak from your heart even if no audible words come out of your mouth.

It is not a chance encounter. It is an Absolute.... just as He is... even if we don't see our prayers answered immediately or in the way we thought best. It is about the relationship and drawing nearer and standing in the gap for others.

If you have a prayer request - please feel free to leave it.

As always.. you were just prayed for.

I will update on Ike and the status of family members and etc... when I know more.

UPDATE: Uncle is safe! No electricity.. not sure about damage.. but is safe. Sister-in-law and family are without electricity as well. They have downed trees, but are safe too. Still waiting to know more about damage and how best help is needed. Thanks all for your prayers!

Note: For those who have asked.... Yes, the latest Serve! ezine is up... This month's article is entitled, "The Lawn Pastor"...


Bill (cycleguy) said...

Thanks for the post Camey. I "admire" your sensitivity to the Spirit when HE says pray. Sounds like your illness planted in you a sensitivity to the Spirit that many miss out on. I can remember reading Joni saying that she was once asked if she regretted what happened. She said, "I wish it would not have happened but would not want it any other way. I do not regret my life." Seems to me like you can add yourself to her army. Was also praying for you this weekend since I knew you were in Texas but not sure where Gtown is. Is that Georgetown? How did y'all fare?

M. Steve Heartsill said...

Thanks for the guys have been in my prayers...and now I know how better to pray.

Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit seems to be a gift you have...Is that a gift? Not sure. But I am glad you are listening to His prompting, even when you are sound asleep...

jonathan said...

I have always wondered if I truly believed in prayer. Bonhoeffer says the quickest way to a hurting friend is through prayer. Yet I would rather pick up the phone and call. It's encouraging that you listen.

Camey said...


Thank you. HE is my all.. my everything. Yes, I have an amazing husband and three sons that teach me more than I do them.. but there is no one like Him. (I know you know this.)

Funny you mentioning Joni. She and I have more in common than that even... there's a place here in Texas we're both connected to. She donated the items in the handicap accessible room - I am the person who prayer walked the room as well as the facility. It is a place for pastors and their families, as well as lay leaders, who are needing a time of retreat and perhaps some counseling. It is a place that my dad helped do some fundraising for years ago before hubby, myself and the boys ever dreamed of what we do now. It is a part of what I was called to do - ministering to ministers/pastors -the seen and the unseen.... just as much as the homeless person who walks in off the streets.

As I walked around the room Joni had so graciously helped to provide - I couldn't help but know that neither one of us regrets our lives. For while I do not take be physically healthy for granted - I would not trade one moment of having been ill... I cannot imagine how life would be so incredibly different if I/we had not walked through those moments, days, and years. Like you said, she feels and thinks the same.

Thank you for your continued prayers. G-town is what the younger ones call it. We live in Granbury. We got some rain and wind but nothing like what we were told to expect.


Thank you as well for your continued prayers. It is the type of thing at times that - as you can imagine - causes others to be uncomfortable. It can me too given the nature at times. As I've shared before - I am an exceedingly shy person. HE won't let me be. That is where so much of the sensitivity comes in to play I believe. The more surrendered I am - the more it flows. One day I'll share what I was dreaming about when I was woken up at 2:00 a.m. to pray. It was so vivid. It is also how I know I was dreaming when woken up.


Thank you for coming by and commenting. Yes, no question about it - there are times when picking up the phone is the right thing to do. Yet, I do agree with the quickest way to a hurting friend is through prayer. I am thankful you are/were encouraged. Feel free to come by any time and share your thoughts.

As always you each were prayed for just now.

Bill (cycleguy) said...

Camey: Thanks for sharing that about Joni. And most thanks for the prayers that you take to the throne for me.

Steve: I have often wondered too about that. I have come to believe it is a spiritual gift...maybe discernment? If there is one I wish I had it was that (listening and hearing as Camey obviously does).

Garrick D. Conner said...

Camey, you have such a wonderful way of humanizing things. Thanks for this post. It helped to remind me that there are so many factors involved in why people do -- or don't do -- things. . . why they may certain choices and not others. I too pray for all those who experienced the wrath of Ike. And I will pray especially for your family members on the coast. God bless.