Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Are You Moved?

Parker and I sit together on Sunday mornings. Austin is up in the booth. Travis sits with the students. Hubby, of course, is wherever he needs to be given the moment.

This past Sunday morning, Parker and I had a real bonding moment. We looked at each other and we each were tearing up big time. That little man kept putting his arm around his mommy or holding my hand.

Yesterday, the boys were all at home with me. Parker and I talked about what was going through our minds and hearts Sunday morning. Parker said, "The meaning behind the words of the songs we were singing made me want to cry. In Philippians, we were talking about for me to live is Jesus and to die is more Jesus. I wish more people understood that."

He then said that he knew that's why I was moved to tears also. He knew it. He did not have to ask me. He knew. He was right. That was exactly why I was moved.... to tears..

Are you moved?

In a world that says you need more of this and or that.... do you want more Jesus?

Jesus wants more of you... In fact, He wants all of you.

He wants you to be sold out completely.

He never said that life would be easy. He just said, "Come follow me."

Are you moved to follow Him?

And will you allow Him to move you wherever He wants you to go?

For one thing I truly believe about Jesus... while our foundation is solid in Him.. and on it we can stand... We are never meant to stay... we are meant to go.... even if it's just down the street..

Are you moved? today.... this moment?

If not... ask Jesus to move you...

May Each Day Be A Moving Day

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