Monday, February 2, 2009

Of Dreams, Prayers, and Red Hair!

There are individuals who come into our life's moments that simply teach us more than they will ever realize. One such individual made an unexpected to us arrival on February 2nd, 1998. I was only seven months pregnant at that the time. I had an infection that was causing danger to me & to Parker in the womb and I was in labor. He arrived via an emergency C-section at 3:51 p.m. By all accounts from the medical world, Parker should not be alive. Since he did live, he should, according to doctors, have all sorts of health issues. That redheaded son of ours is as healthy as can be!

As Parker & I were driving this morning, we were talking in-depth about things as we so often do. Frankly, his vocabulary keeps me on my toes! We were talking in particular about dreams. I recounted to him the dream announcing his life. It was in the dream that I learned I was even pregnant, that the baby was a boy, and that his name was Parker. Notice - I didn't say would be.. His name was Parker. He was already alive inside of me. Parker always finds it fascinating that I had the dream one night after coming out of the water having gone off the diving board at his Gmama's & Gdad's (Gravley) house. I came up out of the water & knew I shouldn't dive again. Just as I know I'm writing this now.

Parker & I were also discussing the prayer time the five of us had last night during half-time of the Super Bowl. We were praying for all that is going on here... but also specifically for the next place.... the next body of believers & those yet to come that we will be moving from G-town to serve as lifestyle missionaries and that hubby will pastor. He said, "You know I haven't had a dream about where just yet. But when I do - Mom, you'll be the first to know!" Parker & I have dreams. I know that makes some uncomfortable.. It is what it is. It was Parker who dreamed that the next place we lived would be surrounded by trees. That was long before we heard clearly from God about moving here. Thousands of trees! When the boys were sitting on the couch and I said, "We're moving.." Parker said, "To Grandpa's to take care of him and Grandma too. That's the right thing to do!"

And little did we all know - that it would be in connection with the life that we had at the time & where we are now that he would come to be the Christ-follower and lifestyle missionary that he is. Upon seeing me after having been with friends - he shares with me what is going on in their life's moments. It is not uncommon for him to say, "Mom... We need to pray for _________. They were hurting today. I told them we would be praying for them." It is not uncommon for Parker to give away small hand-size Bibles either. Oh, sure there are times when Parker likes to flick his brothers or other teens he knows on the head or give a light tug on their hair. But, it is also his way of saying to them, "You're being noticed right now!" Stop and think about that for a moment.

Parker & I dance together more often than most realize. We dance out of celebration for the lives that God has given us. We dance as a part of our worshipping the Only One who knows the number of hairs on our heads - mine brown/gray and his red. We dance as a way to remember where we've each been health wise in the past and where we each are today. It is no surprise to me that it was Parker that God used to start me/us noticing that I was being physically healed back in 2003. Or that some of our favorite conversations have taken place in trees whether sitting in them or under.

At noon today, I have a hot date planned with an 11-year-boy who knows who his Real Father is... God. And I am thankful even more so to be his sister-in-Christ than I am his mother.

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for.


Will_nottheactor said...

Happy B-Day, Parker!! Our Father has some awesome things planned for you, and I pray that your sphere on influence will continue to expand, so that all around you will know to Whom you really belong.

Camey said...


Greatly appreciate you taking the time to leave Parker such thoughts!

Thank you.