Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Life in the Moments Update!

Thanks to all whom have checked in with me on being quiet lately. There has been so much going on that I've needed some RQMs (really quiet moments).

My mother has been ill for the last couple of weeks with pneumonia. Tomorrow she is having a stress test made. Just a bit ago - she informed me that I needed to contact a man I've not seen or talked with since 06. It seems my mother is going to be having heart surgery if the stress test confirms what was seen during her recent physical. I opted to not go that day to the doctor with her since her boyfriend was taking her and I was scheduled to be at the physical church building. Being my mom's caregiver is always interesting to say the least. Yes, please pray! Darren couldn't look me in the eyes the last time I saw him. He just cried at the mere thought of my daddy dying. Darren was my dad's Cardio doctor. There is no question he will be my mom's as well if he is available. We came to love him dearly as a member of the family. My daddy passing on didn't change that for one moment.

Travis went to the dentist today. On Thursday, that mean jazz player will be having a root canal. The dentist informed him that his soft drink and candy days are over! As his mother - I could see this coming a mile away. Choices come back to bite us if we're not careful. And according to Travis - this bites big time! Yes, please pray! I told Trav this is definitely a part of his "PK's story." If you don't understand that one... well, let's just say that not everyone can afford insurance. Fortunately, there is a discount when paying cash. God is good! All the time.. God is good. Being debt free came at just the right time too!

Parker is going to the doctor in just a little while. This is his second day of school to miss this week alone. I'm sure it's connected to his allergies. That's one thing we get for being surrounded by all these trees! When you have a dream.. there might be more you get than meets the eye! Yes, again... please pray.

On being debt free... I announced on Saturday (through facebook & twitter & in person with others) that the G family had reached this unbelievable feat! Once upon a time "experts" said it could not be accomplished. That's what happens when one has faced catastrophic illnesses for years like I did. Our being able to attain such is proof positive that "experts" truly don't know every single thing. It also goes hand in hand with dangerous prayers that have been prayed. "What can the people of God do if they were debt free?" Uh.... pay for a root canal with cash for one.. a doctor's visit for another.. just to name a couple! (Laugh.. really.. it does a body good!)

For those who have been praying for my uncle.. please continue to do so. The man does not want to walk. As I stood by his bedside last night, he and I had a bit of a heart to heart. Needless to say, I will be putting on my "other hat" with him if he doesn't get his butt in gear soon! Yes, please keep praying. This is the uncle I've always been closest to. He can be gruff.. he can be rude... but he is who he is and I accepted his weird form of love a long time ago now. (Laugh... he would find that rather funny!)

Is there news on a church for hubby/us? That one will have to wait. See? I can be quiet when I need to be. (Laugh..... there are moments when I can't shut up! If you've ever heard me teach/speak in person - you can say "Amen" now!)

So? What's happening in your life's moments these days?

As always, you dear reader, have been prayed for!

Note: This was written yesterday, Tuesday, 24th. My mom's stress test is today. Parker is indeed suffering from being highly allergic to certain trees.


Bill (cycleguy) said...

It is so good to hear from you again Camey! I miss not seeing something more often in my Google Reader from you. Sounds like much is happening for the Gravely clan. That debt free thing is a dream of mine. But as they say, "Life happens." Plug away a little at a time and eventually it will happen. Congrats on that! Waiting to hear on the church situation.

Kevin Bussey said...

I'm praying for your family.

Camey said...

Thanks, Bill & Kevin!