Thursday, January 15, 2009

Beyond Rich!

Her name is Marie. Today I had the opportunity to spend 15 minutes or so with her as she poured out her pain. As I wrapped my arms around her, hugged her tight, and prayed with her - I could feel the heavy burdens, regret, shame, and unforgiveness she was holding inside release if only for a few moments.

Marie lost her grown daughter and dad all within a 3 month time period 3 years ago. She explained that she was so busy working for a living that she wasn't living life's moments as she could have been. When her daughter needed her - she was too busy working. Since her daughter has been gone - she is finding it hard to work more than a part-time job. The pain from her dad passing is almost getting the best of her. To say she is carrying a load in her heart and on her shoulders would be an understatement.

Marie asked me how I was so soft & tender. I didn't understand her question at first. Then as I looked her in the eyes - I saw the tears starting to flow down - I knew exactly what she needed to hear from me. So I shared about knowing the depths of sorrow, heartache, loss, and pain. Her eyes stayed locked on mine as I continue to rub my hands on her arms.

As I told her about having been paralyzed, her eyes grew wide. When I shared about as far as the doctors are concerned I should be in Heaven already or at least paralyzed from the neck down and hooked up to an oxygen machine - she started to smile a bit. As I shared about being healed completely physically, her smile could have lit up a whole room. She said over and over, "You do know!" And yet….

It was when I shared about having been my dad's primary caregiver until he went to Heaven that she said, "You know Camey - that's it right there! That's why you're so soft & tender! I won't forget you! I will never forget you! May God bless you beyond whatever you could ever imagine?" Then, with another hug - Marie was gone.

We are both beyond rich because of our encounter today.

And with that, I'm off for Thursday night date night with my three sons!

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Will_nottheactor said...

"...for such a time as this."

God's timing is perfect, and brought her to you, since you we the exact comfort she needed at that time.

Blessings to you, today, Camey!