Monday, August 11, 2008

Hearing and Responding: Public School (by Austin)

Ohayo..."Good Morning" in the peeps of da' blog.

S0 the last few days have been rather interesting to say the least. Thursday evening I was working and I got this burden about the High School. As my momma-in-Christ Camey said, I had a major conviction about going to the High School of Granbury to be a lifestyle missionary. If you want the full story you can read a few posts back.

I'll get to the point.

GHS or LBA? *Drum roll please*


And now I explain.

At the wonderful Mission Arlington complex, there is a faithful volunteer named Matt. One of the points he repeatedly bashed into our heads during the Middle School Mission Trip earlier this summer was "We can get a group of students excited about going to a country like China, thinking 'Yeah lets go! We can get shot and killed, but who cares?', when we can't even get excited about going across the lunchroom table.". The high from Philly is still in my spiritual bloodstream, so being reckless...yeah. But that's not what God has in mind.

You see, I have only been spiritually sane since April, during the first time I did the devotional A Call to Die. April was the closing of the school year. Even though last year was a living soap opera episode, I grew close to several of my friends there that either aren't Christians or aren't plugged into church. I don't recall inviting any of them to any church events this year...well how can I go to a high school, and get risked getting shot for my faith, when I haven't even done that at my small, little Christian academy. Yes, it may be "Christian", but several of my friends there aren't or aren't in Church. As my Pastor Mark says, 'We get so caught up in hitting a home run that we forget how to do a routine ground ball'.

So there you have it...If several of you were thinking "Austin is going to the High School" - nope, I have my instructions from God- Step up in your own little school, before you tackle the big world.

Sayonara peeps! And thank you for your continued prayers and support.


Camey said...


I was taken by your "Spiritual Sane" comment and considering what you meant by it. Then, you walked up and I asked you... Your response was, "Until April, I had not been where I needed to be in my walk with God."

I will never forget that Sunday morning. You walking forward... I didn't have to wonder why.. Neither did your dad, Ryan, Shelley, and etc... You were making public your surrender to God and vocational ministry - not just as a lifestyle missionary.

I'm also taken back to a little boy who came inside from being out in the front yard sitting in a tree. We had not gone to worship God at the physical church building that Sunday morning due to my health that day. Your dad was tired and needed to rest. You came in and said, "I just asked Jesus to come into my heart." Right there in the tree... the tree that I years later was able to climb in too. OH, the conversations that took place in that tree with you boys. I remember it making the neighbors all so nervous. It did your dad too.. but shhhhh... He finally got over it. lol I remember/know the impact it had/has on your life watching how people responded to your mom being ill... how they helped our family with basic needs such as toilet paper, and etc... Not to mention all the prayers and food... and hanging out at peeps' homes because your momma wasn't there or was completely bed-ridden. You were seeing God's love in action.

Fast forward a couple of years later.... you and Travis had been back in the playroom. Travis had been asking all kinds of questions about Jesus. You were helping him with answers. And that day... that very day - he asked Jesus into his heart.

How you still spur your brothers on in their walks with Jesus. And how you challenge the heck out of me even when you don't realize you are.

Then thinking about your recent trip... About the man who spoke Japense and Shelley calling you to come and talk with him because you can speak the language some. All those times your dad and I wondering about why you were learning Japenese. lol

Your dad and I support you 100%. Why? Because my brother in Christ - there is no doubt you love God first... and therefore others. And we look forward to seeing how God is going to continue to use you in ways we cannot even imagine yet!

Camey said...

What is spell check again? lol

M. Steve Heartsill said...


Thanks for sharing your story! You are dead-on target with your thoughts and observations! Keep listening to God and He will never fail you...

I was 15 when I heard my call from God. That call came during the summer. I think the hardest thing was going back to school, living among my peers. They knew the old me, pre-call me.

I'm not sure they always saw my call being lived out. I'm not sure they always saw my best! It's tough my brother to be the example you want to be and know you should be. Just don't give up! God has a mighty work to do in you and through you!

Be patient. Follow Him. Take up your cross each day!

You are in my prayers!

Bill (cycleguy) said...

Austin: I don't know you or visa versa. I would echo the quote that I have heard missionary Jim Elliott is credited with saying, "Wherever you are, be all there." I would say that to you at this point. Wherever God puts you (LBA) be all there. Go make a difference.