Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lifting Up Dear Ones.

Please lift up in prayer the family of Joe. I personally do not know Joe but I am close to his grown daughter Terri.

Joe has been ill for quite some time now. Joe and his family made the decision together to take him off the ventilator. It is only a matter of time now.

Thank You Lord for Joe's life and for how his family has stood by his side. Treasured moments indeed.

Please lift up also those at the camp where Brother G is. He spent time last night with a college student who claims to be of a different religion. He said it just sounded too easy to become a Christ-follower. Knowing of course, sometime it is seeds that are being planted to be harvested at another time by someone else for God's glory alone. Any thing is possible with Him.

Pray also for those who walked into any physical place that is said to represent Christ. May His Word be alive today for He is. And may lives be forever changed because of having joined together with other believers. Truly may HE alone be worshipped and praised!

Lifting up dear ones. And you dear reader have been lifted up too.

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