Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Her Name is Darby.

Brother G and I go on a lunch date almost every Tuesday. Today was no different except for our starting locations. I was at the highly secure gated community working on a writing project and he was at the physical church building. So..... we met at one of our favorite restaurants in town. Also helps we had a gift card for the place!

Her name is Darby. She was our server. She has recently moved here from California. When I told her that we were going to be praying and asked how we could pray for her - she smiled and started to tear up. She shared with us some about her life. Then she went on her way for the moment. Hubby and I prayed for Darby.

Later on, she came back to us... not just when refilling our drinks. She said she is really trying to change her life. She asked about church. She is currently unchurched. We told her about ours. The church that is located on top of the hill that can be seen from land, water and sky. It can also be seen while sitting at a table in a restaurant when wearing name tags especially.

Our lunch was free today due to the gift card. And yet, it was priceless because of our server Darby and the opportunity to be of encouragement to her as well as being on a lunch date. As we were leaving, I told her to let us know if we could be of any help to her and how to find us. Had it been a guy - hubby would have done so...

Her name is Darby. We ask that you join us in praying for her. And if you're local and would like to know where you can find Darby.... we'll be happy to share with you. May she know God loves her today.... this moment no matter her circumstances.


Kevin Bussey said...

Great story. I will pray for Darby.

Camey said...

Thanks! Hubby and I greatly appreciate any and all prayers for Darby.