Monday, January 21, 2008

Reflections. Looking Ahead.


Yesterday was an amazing day! Individuals and their lives being changed. His Word was taught, caught, and lived out... WORSHIP was alive...

One said she would never come to a church... she did Thursday night. She gave her life to Christ over the weekend! WHOA!

Pastor Jackson was seen taking his shirt off during the service. Totally cracked me up. I knew he had to have had his timing off. He did.... Fortunately, he had on his "dress" shirt underneath his DNow. It is okay to laugh church. Really.. it is...

Derrick rocked. Shelley brought it home. DNow has truly just gotten started.

I joined the Facebook world in yet another way to connect and network. HT to Bryan and Heather!

Hubby and I had a date last night. We did not even leave home. Cheap and yet priceless.

Looking Ahead:

This week is going to be wild to say the least..... More to come on that later...

Saturday I'm teaching/speaking on Depression at a retreat. Time slot: an hour.

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